LED backlit signs

D-Power presents a wider range to satisfy the growing needs in road signaling.

The ultrathin LED signals  guarantee an high uniformity of backlighting and low maintenance.

Designed and built according EN12899.

The technology we use allows reaching the highest classes of the Norm while keeping low the power consumption and overall sizes.

The backlit signals can be supplied with various traffic sign films according to the applicable road code, made using Class 2 Superior translucent films.

Available with several mounting options.

The new finishing color and design make them suitable for use in town centers, where the aesthetical impact is an important issue.

The LED backlit special obstacle delineator includes the Class 2 Superior translucent film.

led colourWhite
input voltage12 VDC or 230 VAC

Single sideSingle sideDouble sideSingle sideSingle sideSingle sideSingle sideDouble side
light emission area90 x 90 cm82 x 75 cm90 x 90 cm40 x 50 cmØ 60 cm60 x 60 cm60 x 60 cm60 x 60 cm
power consumption @ 12 V36 W32 W36 W7 W8 W24 W24 W24 W
Dimensions1000x1000x45 mm940x830x58 mm1285x1005x62 mm280x544x164 mmØ650×40 mm640x640x43 mm640x640x43 mm644x735x68 mm